Hospice consultation

Your first hospice visit will last one to 1.5 hours and includes a full physical exam, review of past and current treatment/diagnoses, discussion of available ongoing supportive care options, pain management, nutrition counseling, wound care, fluid therapy, and guidance on determining quality of life issues moving forward.

Together we will address all of your concerns and formulate a plan that makes you feel comfortable knowing you are doing everything possible and in the best interest of your companion.

After our initial visit, I can meet with you weekly, monthly, or on an as-needed basis depending on your needs.


Laser therapy

Laser therapy is very useful in reducing inflammation and pain, and facilitates wound healing.  Hospice patients who will benefit most from laser therapy are geriatric, arthritic, semi- or fully paralyzed, or have wounds from excessive time spent reclining or sleeping.

In most cases, three laser treatments the first week followed by two the second week and once a week thereafter yield the best results. However, results may vary from patient to patient.

in-home euthanasia

When your friend begins to have fewer and fewer good days and you have made the decision to help him or her pass peacefully in the comfort of your home, I will arrive at our agreed upon time.  You are free to choose any place in your home that is comfortable and quiet for you and your human and animal family members.  

Shortly after I arrive, I will ask you to sign all necessary authorization paperwork and aftercare forms, as well as take care of any payment. I have found it is easier to get these things out of the way first, so that there is no interruption or separation at the end of our visit.

When you are ready, I will administer a pain/sedative medication.  The sedative usually takes effect within ten minutes and will make your companion feel very relaxed and eventually fall into a deep sleep. When he or she is extremely relaxed and you are ready, I will administer the final intravenous injection which takes effect quickly.

Some family members may not feel comfortable being present for all stages of the euthanasia, so I urge everyone to decide whether or not to be present or absent for any part of the process. Afterward, I will carry out your plans for aftercare according to your wishes. If you would like a clay paw print or fur keepsake, I am happy to prepare those for you at that time, as well.

Dr. George helped us make the most compassionate decisions to keep our geriatric bunny, Sophie, comfortable during the last few months of her life. Sometimes it was difficult to sort through all of our feelings, but Dr. George helped guide us and evaluate her quality of life at every step of the way. Our biggest fear was always the “final drive” to the clinic and we were fortunate to be able to avoid that experience. Dr. George came to our house and helped her pass peacefully surrounded by everyone who loved her. We are so grateful for Dr. George’s compassion, care, and gentle touch.
— Donna, NY